MGE Growing Electric Vehicle Charging Opportunities - MGE Energy, Inc. - Madison, Wisconsin

MGE Growing Electric Vehicle Charging Opportunities


The electrification of transportation is a key strategy for reducing carbon emissions, and fast charging is key to helping grow the use of electric vehicles (EVs).

Madison Gas and Electric’s (MGE) fast-charging hub in Madison’s Capitol East District provides EV drivers a fast and convenient place to charge in the heart of the city. The hub features some of the most powerful charging stations in the Midwest, offering nearby residents and business owners, commuters and others easy access to fast charging, powered by renewable energy. And, through a partnership with Tesla, the hub also has eight Superchargers.

Quick and convenient EV charging will help to enable the growth of cleaner, more sustainable transportation options. EVs have zero tailpipe emissions and are powered by an increasingly cleaner electric grid.

Learn more about the fast-charging hub in Green View, MGE’s community-focused video series, featuring MGE’s work with our customers and communities to advance cleaner energy and new technologies.