2018 Electric Projects

Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), our regulated utility, has started $30 million worth of electric construction projects to serve new properties and to enhance our top-ranked reliability.

New service

2018 Electric Projects

The Spark, home to the entrepreneurial hub StartingBlock Madison, and the Gebhardt Building along East Washington Avenue are part of more than $350 million in redevelopment expected by 2020 in the Capitol East District.

As redevelopment continues along Madison's East Washington Avenue, MGE is working to build out the electrical infrastructure for several major building projects, including new residential, commercial and entertainment space. More than $350 million in redevelopment is projected in the Capitol East District by 2020.

A number of other major projects are keeping MGE crews busy, including the former Oscar Mayer property on Madison's northeast side, which is being redeveloped to serve multiple commercial customers.

Infrastructure upgrades

MGE also is in the middle of a four-year project to replace older infrastructure, such as poles and transformers, to enhance reliability for customers in some of the capital city's older neighborhoods. When the entire project is complete, MGE will remove some of our older, smaller substations as larger substations will be serving these areas.

Fiber-optic communications

New technology is allowing MGE to expand its communication network for critical distribution facilities in the downtown area. These improvements will allow MGE to diagnose and remedy potential issues more efficiently.

It is this attention to detail that has kept MGE's electric service reliability among the top three utilities in the country for the fewest number of outages in each of the last 10 years.