Top Credit Quality

MGE has Top Credit Ratings

Standard & Poor's and Moody's give Madison Gas and Electric the highest credit ratings in the nation for investor-owned, combination utilities.

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Advancing Our Energy Goals

Advancing our Energy Goals

We're moving forward with energy projects for a more sustainable, high-tech future.

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Charging on the Grid

Examining the Impacts of EV Charging on the Grid

Growing electric vehicle (EV) ownership helps us develop a smarter electric grid that can better integrate technology.

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Gas and Electric Projects

Gas and Electric Projects

Our construction projects help boost reliability and meet the energy needs of our customers.

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10/19/2016 President and CEO Transition

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05/16/2017 MGE Energy Declares Regular Dividend

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05/05/2017 MGE Energy Reports First-Quarter Earnings

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01/16/2017 MGE Energy's Total Return Closes Strong

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