Working Together to Grow the Electric Vehicle Market

Our main subsidiary, Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), is helping customers plug in to make a difference. For nearly a decade, we have encouraged alternatives to gasoline- and diesel-fueled vehicles to help grow the use of electric vehicles (EV) in our community.

A number of initiatives include building an extensive network of public charging stations, offering a workplace charging program for employers, developing new home charging initiatives and partnering with EV manufacturers to offer discounts on EVs. These initiatives help MGE develop a smarter grid that can better integrate evolving technology.

Public charging network

MGE built one of the Midwest's largest EV charging station networks, powered on 100% renewable energy produced by wind farms in Wisconsin and Iowa. Twenty-seven chargers, located throughout the greater Madison area, were partially funded in 2012 with a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Workplace charging

MGE works with local employers to help them implement workplace charging programs as they install charging stations for their employees.

Home charging program

MGE's new pilot program, Charge@Home, enrolls participants in a study to learn more about charging sessions and how technology can best work for our customers.

EV discounts

Drive Electric, a partnership between MGE, Wisconsin Clean Cities and Nissan has helped sell electric vehicles in the greater Madison area by promoting deep discounts and tax incentives on the all-electric Nissan LEAF®.