Wind Farm Celebrates 10 Years

This year marks 10 years since MGE's Top of Iowa 3 wind farm became operational. The 30-megawatt (MW) wind farm, located in Kensett, Iowa, helped to increase MGE's wind resource capacity by about 12 times in 2008. It continues to serve about 12,000 MGE households with clean energy. The wind farm has been part of at least one Iowa family for three generations. Check out our video from the anniversary celebration to hear from them.

The Top of Iowa wind farm is about 50 miles west of MGE's newest wind farm, Saratoga, which is currently under construction. The 66-MW wind farm will be MGE's largest wind farm to date. Saratoga's turbines also will be taller than turbines at MGE's other wind farms. Taller turbines take advantage of greater wind speeds, producing more energy per turbine.

Saratoga is expected to come online by early 2019. The 33-turbine wind farm will serve about 47,000 households.

Wind and solar investments advance clean energy goals

MGE also recently purchased a share of the Forward Energy Center wind farm in Wisconsin. The company purchased 16 MW of the 130-MW wind farm, which is now jointly owned by MGE, Alliant Energy and Wisconsin Public Service Corp. This investment, combined with the Saratoga wind farm, will grow MGE-owned wind resources by more than 200%.

MGE also is seeking regulatory approval for two large solar projects in Wisconsin. If approved, the projects will add 100 MW of solar energy for MGE customers.

These investments reflect MGE's commitment to clean energy. MGE is targeting at least a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and at least an 80% reduction by 2050.