Top Credit Ratings Reflect Financial Strength

Our regulated utility, Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), has the highest credit rating in the nation for investor-owned, combination utilities from Standard & Poor's and Moody's.

Our high credit ratings, strong liquidity and cash flows  are key as we anticipate future investment growth.

MGE is expected to make nearly $400 million in investments throughout the next three years. These investments bring value to customers and our shareholders—and further our vision under Energy 2030. Our framework advances cleaner energy, new products and services for customers, and a more advanced electric grid.

Some of those projects include:

  • MGE's 66-megawatt wind farm in Saratoga, Iowa. Construction will begin in early 2018 on the $107 million wind farm.
  • Corporate information technology advancements. Projected investments in enterprise IT systems and a customer information system that will provide greater flexibility for customers and how we serve them—especially with new Energy 2030 products and services.
  • Infrastructure improvements. Upgrades of $120 million to our electric infrastructure will help to maintain MGE's top-ranked reliability.