Shared Solar Unveiled in Middleton, Wis.

The roof of the Municipal Operations Center (MOC) in Middleton Wis., a suburb of Madison, is home to more than 1,700 solar panels as part of MGE's Shared Solar pilot project. This partnership between MGE and the city delivers 500-kilowatts (kW) of locally generated solar energy directly to MGE's community grid and is an example of how MGE is working with customers to deliver a cleaner energy future.

A recent reception was held by the city and MGE to thank participants for their support of this innovative project and celebrate the solar array becoming operational. A brief video of the event (posted below) captured some of the highlights from the reception.

In addition to the Shared Solar project, which generates enough solar energy to power 100 average homes, MGE has partnered with the city on a 100-kW solar array on the roof of the Middleton Police Department building. It is expected to provide about 25% of the electricity used by that building annually.