MGE Programs Advance Electrification of Transportation

Supporting the growing electric vehicle (EV) market is part of Madison Gas and Electric's (MGE) commitment to new technologies and innovative products and services for our customers and to deep decarbonization. Transportation accounts for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.

MGE customers have a number of programs and resources to enable their transition toward an all-electric or plug-in hybrid EV, both of which can offer environmental and cost savings.

Charge@Home: Most EV owners charge at home. MGE's Charge@Home program makes it easier. MGE installs Level 2 chargers for customers in exchange for a monthly fee of about $20 plus the cost of electricity. Level 2 chargers are up to six times faster than using a standard electrical outlet.

Multifamily and workplace charging: MGE partners with multifamily property owners and businesses to offer solutions to help address the needs of residents and employees who need access to EV charging at their apartment or workplace. We also survey residents and employees to learn more about their charging needs.

Public charging network: MGE's growing public charging network of more than 30 stations, powered by wind energy, is available for drivers to fuel up while on the road.

Lyft partnership: MGE is partnering with Lyft to grow awareness of the benefits of EVs and increase the use of EV ridesharing in the Madison area. The two companies are offering a $500 bonus to Madison-area EV drivers who sign up to drive with Lyft. This program is a unique opportunity for Madison-area residents to ride in an EV and experience what it has to offer.

Online resources: MGE's online resources make it easy for drivers to get important information about EVs and charging opportunities:

  • Explore My EV gives users the ability to easily compare EVs to gasoline models. This tool explains savings potential based on driving habits, home electricity use, and available tax credits and incentives. It also allows users to view options side by side to see how different scenarios impact costs in the short- and long-term.‚Äč
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  • LovEV covers drivers' most common questions about going electric. The website shares different aspects of driving an EV. It is an easy online stop to learn more about the EV experience from driving range to costs to available models.
  • EV Rider provides up-to-date and easy-to-understand information on EVs and charging. It features local videos, short articles and interviews with industry experts.