Partnering to Grow the Use of Electric Vehicles

Our regulated utility, Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), has been leading efforts to grow the use of electric vehicles (EVs) since launching its public charging network nearly 10 years ago.

One of the network's newest DC Fast Chargers served as the backdrop in March for an event organized by the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group (WISPIRG) and the Dane County Office of Energy and Climate Change. MGE participated in the event around the growth of EVs, highlighting the company's broad scope of efforts to make it easier for drivers to "go electric."

According to some analysts, EV sales increased about 26% in the United States in 2017 and EV sales are expected to make up 54% of new car sales globally by 2040.

Check out the video about the event.

Electrification of transportation key to carbon emission reductions

The electrification of transportation is considered a key strategy for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. MGE is targeting a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. The company's longer-term goal targets carbon reductions of at least 80% by 2050.

Growing the use of EVs also is an objective under MGE's Energy 2030 framework, introduced in November 2015. The electrification of transportation is one means of reducing carbon emissions and enabling future growth.

MGE a leader in EV charging options

MGE partners with residential and business customers, local stakeholders, and fleets, both public and private, to expand the use of EVs.

MGE's public charging network, launched in 2009, has grown to nearly 30 stations throughout the Madison area with plans to install more charging stations this year. The charging stations are fueled by 100% renewable electricity produced by wind farms in Wisconsin and Iowa.

MGE's "turnkey" home charging program, Charge@Home, makes it easy for EV drivers to charge efficiently at their home, which is where 80% of drivers plug in. MGE also partners with multifamily property owners and businesses to offer solutions to help address the needs of residents and employees who need access to EV charging at their apartment or workplace.

New online EV feature to share industry news

In March, MGE launched a new online resource to share EV-related news and information with enthusiasts, skeptics and newcomers to the technology. EV Rider features engaging articles, short videos, interviews with industry experts and the latest EV news.