MGEE Stock Certificates: What you need to know

If your ownership of MGE Energy stock predates the Internet, it's likely you had a stock certificate issued to represent ownership. In the event of loss of a certificate, the transfer agent still has a record of ownership; however, the hard-copy certificate of shares must be replaced before shares can be sold or transferred to a new owner.  

Replacing physical certificates can be costly. Shareholders pay 4% of the stock's value plus a processing fee to have replacement certificates issued. Today, securities are recorded almost exclusively electronically using a process known as book-entry form.  

What does a hard-copy certificate of shares look like? 

MGE Energy hard-copy stock certificates are sized at 8.5 inches by 12.5 inches and look similar to the below example. 
MGEE Stock Certificate

Certificate safekeeping 

Shareholders can take advantage of cost-free safekeeping services for common stock held in certificate form. To deposit, send certificates with a letter of instruction to the Computershare Trust for processing. We strongly recommend that certificates be sent by registered or certified mail, with adequate insurance to cover replacement fees, if misdirected. These certificates should not be endorsed. 

Report a lost certificate 

You can easily report the lost certificates online through Computershare's Investor Center. If you are not an Investor Center member, you can call or send written notice of the loss to Computershare Trust. Once your request has been received, Computershare will provide the necessary forms to complete the replacement process.