MGE Launches New Smart Thermostat Program

Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), our regulated utility subsidiary, is launching a new smart thermostat program this summer in partnership with residential electric customers and the manufacturers of several internet-connected thermostats. The program, MGE Connect, tests the use of smart thermostats to reduce the demand for electricity during the summer months.

When temperatures climb, the demand for electricity increases. During these periods of peak electric use, MGE must use the maximum capacity of electric generation and distribution lines to serve the needs of all customers. The program allows MGE, with participating customers' permission, to adjust their household thermostats automatically to reduce the demand for electricity during periods of high energy use.

MGE Connect follows a successful pilot program with Nest. Data from the earlier program shows most participating customers allowed the remote temperature increases to their thermostats, which enabled MGE to reduce energy use during peak periods. MGE Connect builds upon the original program as it involves double the number of customers and several types of smart thermostats. Visit to learn more.

As part of MGE's Energy 2030 framework, MGE is advancing new technologies to help customers save energy and reduce our collective impact. By working with all of our customers, we can better manage long-term costs, achieve deep decarbonization and reach our target of net-zero carbon electricity by 2050.