MGE Expands Public Charging for Electric Vehicles

Our regulated utility subsidiary, Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), continues to build customer and shareholder value by making it easier to charge an electric vehicle (EV) on the go. The company continues to expand its public charging network of nearly 40 charging stations throughout the community. In 2019, MGE added four public charging stations to its network with plans underway for additional stations.

“We are committed to enabling the growth of EVs by making it easier for drivers to charge away from home,” said Debbie Branson, MGE Manager of Electrification. “We’ve strategically installed stations throughout our service territory to make it more convenient for drivers.”

EV charging station at Garver Feed Mill.

EV charging station at Garver Feed Mill in Madison, Wis.

MGE’s charging network is powered by 100% renewable energy. It features 38 stations, four of which are DC Fast Chargers, capable of providing 60 to 80 miles of range in about 20 minutes.

In 2020, MGE will install a public charging station at the Dane County Regional Airport. MGE also is working with the county to install a 9-megawatt solar array near the airport to serve county facilities under a Renewable Energy Rider agreement between Dane County and MGE.

Deep decarbonization

The electrification of transportation is considered a key strategy for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. MGE is working to electrify transportation by partnering with customers to facilitate charging and to spread awareness of the benefits of EVs. 

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