MGE Adding New Fast Charger to EV Public Charging Network

Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), our utility subsidiary, continues to make it easier to charge electric vehicles (EVs) on the go by expanding its public charging network. This spring, installation of a new DC fast-charging station at Dane County Regional Airport will get underway. Fast chargers typically provide from 60 to more than 80 miles of range with about 20 minutes of charging.

DC Fast Charger
Within the last year, MGE has added six public charging stations to its green-powered public charging network. The locations include:
  • Garver Feed Mill, Madison.
  • Madison College, Park Street Campus.
  • Piggly Wiggly, Cross Plains.
  • South Livingston Street Garage, Madison.
  • Royster Corners development, Madison.
"We’ve strategically installed stations throughout our service territory to make it more convenient for drivers," said Debbie Branson, Manager Electrification.

Branson says the DC fast charger at the airport is a convenient option for drivers coming to and leaving from the airport, including those who drive for ridesharing services. It also provides easy access to and from the Interstate for drivers who need a charge while traveling.

MGE is partnering with the ridesharing company Lyft to grow awareness of the benefits of EVs and to increase the use of EV ridesharing. The two companies are offering a $500 bonus to Madison-area EV drivers who sign up to drive with Lyft. The program is an opportunity for Madison-area residents to ride in an EV and to experience what driving electric has to offer. 

"Supporting the growing EV market is part of MGE’s commitment to new technology and innovative products and services for our customers," Branson said. “We continue to introduce more customers to new technologies and sustainable driving options, through our charging network, partnerships and online tools."