Jeffrey Keebler succeeds Gary Wolter as President and CEO

The two discuss a cleaner energy future, new technologies and a vision for continued success in a brief video.

On March 1, 2017, Jeffrey Keebler, a 22-year veteran of MGE, succeeded Gary Wolter as President and CEO of MGE Energy and its subsidiary, MGE. He also was appointed to the boards of MGE Energy and MGE. Wolter remains Chairman of the Board of both companies.

The transition in leadership is part of the company's succession planning. Keebler most recently served as MGE's Senior Vice President of Energy Supply and Planning.

Keebler was instrumental in developing the company's Energy 2030 framework shaped by cleaner energy, reduced emissions, energy efficiency, innovative products and services, and ongoing customer engagement.

"A lot of Jeff's career has been spent thinking about how to transition to the generation of the future," Wolter says of his successor.

In this brief video, Wolter and Keebler discuss how MGE is harnessing the power of more cost-competitive technologies and embracing new opportunities to work toward Energy 2030, including the company's proposal for its largest wind farm to date, its innovative Shared Solar project and MGE's various initiatives to grow the use of electric vehicles.

"The types of products and services customers want to use are becoming more and more available, and they're becoming available at a price that makes economic sense," Keebler says of the industry's ongoing evolution.

Keebler has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He has held various leadership positions at MGE in Energy Supply, Rates, Generation Planning, Information Technology, Customer Service and Human Resources.