Have We Heard From You Lately?

Every year, issuers and their transfer agents are required to turn over property to the state that is presumed "abandoned" if the shareholder cannot be found or if the account has been inactive.

You may think, "But I haven’t abandoned my shares. I don’t have anything to worry about." Here are a few scenarios that can happen to anyone:
  • You moved and forgot to update your address.
  • You haven't cashed dividend checks.
  • You’re reinvesting for your future, so there has been no need for contact.
To help protect your investment from escheatment, which is the transfer of unclaimed property, there are some steps you can take, including:
  • Establishing online access, then access your account once a year to print your 1099 tax statement.
  • Voting your shares. We send you a reminder every spring.
  • Cashing your dividend checks.
  • Calling us at 800-356-6423 to check your account balance using our convenient automated phone system.
Staying in contact and keeping your contact information updated are easy ways to protect what's yours. If you receive a notice your account is considered "inactive" or "abandoned," please respond immediately. To find out if any of your property has been escheated, visit www.missingmoney.com.

Go paperless

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