Examining the Impacts of EV Charging on the Grid

Our main subsidiary, Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), has participated in numerous activities to help grow electric vehicle (EV) ownership in the Madison area. Initiatives such as building an extensive network of public charging stations to offering workplace charging programs for area employers have helped MGE develop a smarter grid that can better integrate technology. Charge@Home, a new home charging pilot program, makes owning an EV even more convenient for drivers.

Through the program, MGE installs, owns and operates ChargePoint Home Level 2 EV chargers at participants' homes. These chargers can charge EV batteries up to six times faster than a standard 120-volt electrical outlet, cutting the time for a fully depleted EV battery to four hours. Participants pay a monthly fee of $20 plus the cost of their electricity usage and will not be charged up-front for standard installation.

The pilot allows MGE to collect data from participants about charging activities and periodically communicate with and control the charging stations. This helps MGE learn more about the impact of EV charging on the distribution system while advancing new technologies as outlined in MGE's Energy 2030 framework.