Drive Electric Event is Sept. 16

National Drive Electric Week, scheduled Sept. 9 through 17, highlights the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) in major cities across the world.

On Saturday, Sept. 16, our subsidiary, Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), is a partner in the local celebration to take place in Madison, Wis., right off Capitol Square from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

MGE will display its new Chevy Bolt, which can travel on battery up to 238 miles and go from zero to 60 miles per hour in fewer than seven seconds.

MGE helps organize the Madison-area event every year. EV drivers near and far come to display their vehicles and share feedback with potential drivers. Some may be interested in reducing their environmental footprint while others may have specific questions about range or vehicle performance. This event is ideal for those who may be interested in purchasing an EV but remain undecided.

Helping customers plug-in

Locally, MGE makes it easier to "go electric." MGE has 28 public charging stations powered by renewable energy across the area. MGE's pilot program, Charge@Home, is enrolling participants in a study to learn more about charging preferences and how technology can best work for our customers. And, MGE works with local employers and multifamily property owners to help them implement workplace charging programs at their properties.