Advancing a Utility of the Future

A major, enterprise-wide project is under way this year at our regulated utility, Madison Gas and Electric (MGE). Known as Enterprise Forward, the five-year, multimillion dollar initiative lays the foundation for MGE becoming a utility of the future.

MGE's electric and gas distribution systems are monitored from our Distribution Operations Center.

MGE's electric and gas distribution systems are monitored from our Distribution Operations Center.

The project, which will touch every part of the company, is transforming internal processes and capabilities, enabling MGE to offer more customized programs, products and services to meet customers' needs and expectations into the future. A modernization of the company's business processes and consolidation of legacy systems will help MGE take advantage of efficiencies to reduce operational costs and offer flexibility to adjust to a changing energy marketplace driven by new technologies and evolving customer expectations.

"As customer expectations change with time, our services and capabilities must change to meet those expectations. Enterprise Forward is an investment to meet our customers' future needs effectively and efficiently as we continue to provide safe and reliable service for decades to come," said Jeff Keebler, President and CEO.

"New technologies offer new opportunities for growth. Enterprise Forward will provide us the capabilities to offer new, more customized products and services to our customers," said Tammy Johnson, Assistant Vice President and Controller.

Energy 2030

One of the objectives under MGE's Energy 2030 framework for a more sustainable future is advancing new products and services to offer customers more control and value. MGE will continue to work with customers to understand their needs and preferences to ensure programs provide value and to take advantage of opportunities resulting from new and changing technologies. The Enterprise Forward initiative and its upgrades will allow MGE to better deliver new products and services to our customers.