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04/05/2023 Red Barn Wind Farm Delivering Locally Generated Clean Energy

03/29/2023 Video Message from Our Chairman, President and CEO Jeff Keebler

03/16/2023 MGE to Add More Solar and Battery Storage with Koshkonong Solar Energy Center

12/08/2022 Purchase of Darien Solar Energy Center Approved

11/30/2022 MGE Connect® Helps Manage Demand on the Grid

07/12/2022 Partnering to Advance Sustainable Transportation

07/12/2022 MGE Working with Multifamily Property Owners and Households to Manage Energy Use

05/19/2022 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

03/31/2022 Video Message from Our Chairman, President and CEO Jeff Keebler

03/31/2022 MGE to Add More Solar and First-Ever Battery Storage

01/31/2022 MGE to Reduce Carbon 80% by 2030

01/10/2022 MGE Receives Approval to Purchase Wind Farm

12/17/2021 MGE Named 2021 Green Master

12/17/2021 MGE Releases Annual Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report

12/07/2021 MGE Joins National Electric Highway Coalition

12/01/2021 Badger Hollow Solar Farm Delivering Energy to MGE Customers

11/03/2021 MGE Announces Plans to End Remaining Use of Coal

10/18/2021 Steady Dividend Increases for 46 Years

10/11/2021 New Technologies: Charge Ahead Project

10/11/2021 MGE Files Settlement Agreement for Future Rates

07/30/2021 MGE Breaks Ground on Solar Project in Madison

06/15/2021 Solar Project with City and School District Approved

05/19/2021 2021 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

05/07/2021 MGE Publishes Report on Giving

04/30/2021 MGE Plans Dane County Solar and Battery Storage Project

03/30/2021 MGE Seeks Approval to Purchase Wind Farm

03/17/2021 MGE Seeks Approval for More Solar and Battery Storage

02/16/2021 MGE Announces Plans to Invest in Paris Solar-Battery Park

02/02/2021 MGE Announces Planned Retirement of Columbia Energy Center

01/25/2021 Solar Array Construction Underway in Fitchburg

01/15/2021 Watch the Video: Dane County Airport Solar

01/06/2021 MGE Partners with City and School District on Proposed Solar Project

01/05/2021 MGE Publishes Annual Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report

12/18/2020 Go Paperless

12/09/2020 MGE Named Green Master for Seventh Straight Year

11/18/2020 UW-Madison Releases Analysis of MGE's Net-Zero Carbon Goal

11/12/2020 Two Creeks Solar Producing Clean Energy

10/19/2020 MGE Tools Educate Drivers About Electric Vehicles

10/19/2020 MGE Sets Electric Vehicle Fleet Goal

10/19/2020 MGE Seeks to Expand Smart Thermostat Program

10/01/2020 Major Solar Project Receives Approval

08/31/2020 Computershare Maintenance

08/12/2020 Two Creeks Solar Halfway Complete

08/12/2020 Morey Field Solar Comes Online

08/12/2020 Have We Heard From You Lately?

08/12/2020 45 Years of Dividend Increases

07/10/2020 Smart Thermostat Program Helps Manage the Grid 

07/10/2020 Watch: Morey Field Solar Construction

05/21/2020 2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

05/20/2020 MGE Proposes Major Solar Project in Fitchburg

05/04/2020 Vote Your Shares

05/04/2020 Airport Solar Project Receives Regulatory Approval

04/07/2020 MGE Responds to Coronavirus Pandemic 

03/30/2020 Video Message from Our Chairman

03/30/2020 MGE Adding New Fast Charger to EV Public Charging Network

02/26/2020 MGE's Saratoga Wind Farm Marks One-Year Anniversary

02/26/2020 MGE Making Additional Investment in Badger Hollow Solar Farm

01/17/2020 Renewable Energy Rider an Option for Large Customers

01/17/2020 Total Return Outpaces Indices

01/17/2020 MGE Expands Public Charging for Electric Vehicles

12/12/2019 MGE Named Green Master for Sixth Straight Year

12/12/2019 MGE Seeks Approval for Large Solar Project at Dane County Regional Airport

12/02/2019 Advancing Smart Technologies to Help Manage the Grid

11/26/2019 MGE Publishes 2019 Environmental and Sustainability Report

10/29/2019 MGE Breaks Ground on Shared Solar Expansion

10/22/2019 MGE Ranks Number One for Reliability

10/22/2019 MGE Programs Advance Electrification of Transportation

09/17/2019 MGE Publishes 2018 Annual Report on Giving

09/17/2019 Solar Partnership with Dane County Moves Forward

09/17/2019 MGE Breaks Ground on Two Creeks Solar

08/20/2019 44 Years of Dividend Increases

08/02/2019 MGE to Expand Investment at Badger Hollow Solar Farm

07/16/2019 MGE Thanks Saratoga's Landowners

07/16/2019 MGE Launches New Smart Thermostat Program

06/20/2019 Airport Solar Project Moves Forward

06/14/2019 Renewable Energy Investments Driving Growth

06/14/2019 Helping Biotech Startups Grow

05/14/2019 MGE Targets Net-Zero Carbon Electricity by 2050

04/25/2019 Fueling EVs on Solar Energy

04/12/2019 Large-Scale Solar Projects Approved

04/10/2019 As Seen in Our 2018 Annual Report

04/01/2019 A Video Message from Our Chairman, President and CEO Jeff Keebler

03/20/2019 MGE Announces Expansion of Shared Solar Program

03/06/2019 Total Return Outpaces Indices

03/06/2019 Record-Setting Cold Weather Drives Gas Usage

02/28/2019 MGE's Saratoga Wind Farm Delivering Clean Energy

01/25/2019 Growing Our Investment in Clean Energy

01/25/2019 Madison Welcomes New Program for Entrepreneurs

01/25/2019 MGE Expands Natural Gas Service

12/27/2018 Inside Saratoga's Wind Turbines

12/14/2018 MGE Named Green Master for Fifth Straight Year

12/14/2018 Dividend Growth for More Than 40 Years

12/14/2018 Give the Gift of MGE Energy Stock

11/06/2018 MGE Launches New Electric Vehicle Resource Online

11/06/2018 Moving Forward a Utility of the Future

10/15/2018 Sustainability the Focus of Disclosure Tool

10/09/2018 MGE, Dane County Announce Large-Scale Solar Project

10/01/2018 MGE No. 1 for Electric Reliability

10/01/2018 Chairmanship Transition

09/17/2018 Shareholder Services Welcomes Your Feedback

08/28/2018 Explore Electric Vehicles with MGE

08/28/2018 Dividend Increase for 43rd Consecutive Year

08/28/2018 Madison on Top for Tech Talent Growth

07/26/2018 MGE Rate Changes Approved

07/25/2018 Shared Solar Expansion Planned

07/25/2018 Downtown Madison Welcomes Entrepreneurial Hub

06/26/2018 Shared Savings Benefits Business Customers

06/26/2018 Wind Farm Celebrates 10 Years

06/26/2018 MGE Previews Electric Buses

06/04/2018 MGE Announces Large-Scale Solar Energy Plans

05/23/2018 2018 Electric Projects

05/23/2018 MGE Has Strong Credit Ratings

05/23/2018 MGE Participates in Dark Sky Exercise

05/23/2018 Partnering to Strengthen Our Communities

04/25/2018 Clean Energy Drives 2018 Investments

04/25/2018 Vote Your Shares

03/26/2018 Partnering to Grow the Use of Electric Vehicles

03/26/2018 New Directors and Governance Updates

03/26/2018 Advancing a Utility of the Future

02/23/2018 A Video Message from our President and CEO

02/23/2018 Growing Our Investment in Wind Energy

02/23/2018 MGE Program Recognized for Innovation

02/23/2018 Total Return Outpaces Indices

01/15/2018 Solar Energy Powering MGE

01/15/2018 MGE Recognized for Environmental Leadership

01/15/2018 MGE Expands Natural Gas Service

01/15/2018 New Online Account Access

01/08/2018 MGE Energy Partners with Computershare

12/15/2017 MGE Works to Advance Electric Buses

12/15/2017 MGE Named Green Master for Fourth Straight Year

11/09/2017 New Wind Farm Advances Energy 2030 Goals

11/09/2017 MGE Energy Rated as Top Performer

11/09/2017 MGE Leads Major Utility Project

10/23/2017 Top Credit Ratings Reflect Financial Strength

09/27/2017 MGE and Madison Partner for Electric Buses

09/15/2017 Madison's Growth Helps Make it a Tech Hotspot

09/15/2017 MGE Helps Boost Sustainability Efforts

08/18/2017 Largest Dividend Increase in 30 Years

08/18/2017 Operational Excellence: Focus on Reliability

08/18/2017 Drive Electric Event is Sept. 16

08/18/2017 Bringing Cutting Edge Technologies to Customers

07/25/2017 Steady Dividend Increases for 41 Years

07/18/2017 Track Shared Solar's Energy Production

07/18/2017 Fueling Electric Vehicle Growth

06/15/2017 Serving Our Strong Local Economy

06/15/2017 MGE Energy Receives High Marks for Financial Strength

06/15/2017 Testing New Technologies to Better Manage Energy Use

06/15/2017 Wind Farm Provides Education Opportunities

05/18/2017 MGE Has Top Credit Ratings

05/18/2017 Advancing our Energy Goals

05/18/2017 Examining the Impacts of EV Charging on the Grid

05/18/2017 Gas and Electric Projects

03/27/2017 Working Together to Grow the Electric Vehicle Market

03/27/2017 Investments Projected for a More Sustainable Future

03/01/2017 Jeffrey Keebler succeeds Gary Wolter as President and CEO

03/01/2017 Dividend Growth for More Than 40 Years

02/21/2017 New Wind Farm Advances Energy 2030 Goals

02/15/2017 Shared Solar Unveiled in Middleton, Wis.

02/15/2017 Charge@Home: A Quicker Way to Charge

02/09/2017 MGE Energy's Total Return Closes Strong

02/09/2017 Shareholder Tax Information

02/09/2017 Energy 2030: Setting Our Direction for a Responsible Energy Future

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