About MGE Energy

MGE Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq: MGEE) is an investor-owned public utility holding company headquartered in Madison, Wis.

MGE Energy is built on the solid tradition of dividend income and stock price appreciation. MGE Energy has paid dividends since 1909 and is one of only five U.S. investor-owned electric utilities to increase dividends for 40 consecutive years.

At year-end 2015, MGE Energy's assets total nearly $1.7 billion.

Corporate Chart

MGE Energy is the parent company of:

  • Madison Gas and Electric Co. (MGE) and its divisions, which serve natural gas and electric customers in south-central and western Wisconsin.
  • MGE Transco Investment owns interest in the American Transmission Co. through its members, MGE and MGE Energy.
  • MGE Power owns assets in the West Campus Cogeneration Facility at Madison, Wis., and the Elm Road Generating Station at Oak Creek, Wis.
  • MAGAEL holds title to properties acquired for future utility plant expansion.
  • Central Wisconsin Development Corp. promotes business growth in MGE's service area.
  • North Mendota Energy & Technology Park owns property and serves as the development entity for the property.
  • MGE Services provides construction and other services. Its subsidiary NGV Fueling Services, LLC, installs, owns and maintains equipment used to fuel natural gas-powered vehicles